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Make Money with an Advertising Business

Make real money providing a real service. Even if you have no training or experience in advertising, publishing or business-to-business sales. That's not a pipedream. It's a fact that just about anyone can put into action.

Businesses in your area need more customers. They have products, services or both to sell that won't sell unless more people know about them, and know why they should even be interested. What those businesses need, and most know they need, is a more effective way of advertising. A way they can afford. And way that actually reaches more people.

That's where you and your simple Adsheet business come in. With an ordinary computer, even an old one, and a few basic programs or apps (that may even be free), you can provide a much needed service to local businesses.

Does Your Area Need an Ad Sheet?

Can you use more income?

If the local or regional newspaper is failing  serving the local community effectively then a smaller, newsletter-sized publication may be a great way to bring an income. A number of factors should be considered.

One: Is there already a small weekly or monthly paper serving ads only?  If so, is that publication distributed effectively in the marketplace? Many small publications drop off copies at convenience stores and other businesses. Not so many make sure the paper is also taken to the residents, office buildings, and other public places. Actually serving the advertisers who pay good money for ads is the key to success. The more readers your paper has, the better you serve the advertiser & earn your income.

Two: While there's very little room in your ad sheet to include a lot of other content, something of additional local interest is a plus. In this mini version of a shopper, you will sell and publish ads. Mostly you will serve the businesses in the area. But you may also include ads from anyone wanting to sell a product, hold a garage sale, or advertise their services, such as mowing lawns, babysitting, etc. Additional content aimed at drawing readers may include humor (keep it clean, if you want success), information for tourists, consumer tips, local or national historical notes, and other facts of interest.

Special Note: The specific purpose of this website is not to dictate to you "how it must be done" with adsheets. My only purpose is to give you effective information. Free of charge. I will give you facts designed to help you use a local adsheet publication to earn income. By reading the information on this website, you'll be able make informed decisions on your own. Decisions that will give you a real shot at business success.

I'm not going to give you a lot of rules. You will make your own rules. I'm not telling you how it must be done, you decide how you want to do it. I'm not telling you if your should use color ads on glossy paper or strictly black & white ads on ordinary printer paper. I provide some advice but you must decide what will work best for you. You are the publisher, the big boss, the person in control. This is not a franchise opportunity but your own opportunity to build a little business of your own. I doubt it will make you rich. But I will not be surprised if you take some of the following ideas and build an empire. It happens all the time. This is America, where even in the darkest times, astonishing and wonderful things happen. Every day.

Three: Think about how you will distribute the publication. Creative effort and a knack for selling ads will help, but the actual distribution of your adsheet will make or break your new business. Postal permits make it reasonably inexpensive to mail to various neighborhoods or business districts. Your post office can give you lots of help in planning routes. A local mailing service can also help you plan the most economical mailings. Get quotes and information from two or three before deciding on a mailing service. (They may actually be able to mail your little paper for less than you could do it yourself.)

Four: How will you design and produce each issue?  You will need a good computer. Nothing super fancy is required, but it needs to be able to run publishing software of some kind, as well as graphics software. The whole idea of the adsheet is advertising, and that means ads. You will want good, clean & legible ads. Readers must respond to the ads or your advertisers will stop using your service. Readers cannot respond to ads they can't read or understand. And if the paper is too ugly, messy or sloppy, it will be doing more harm than good. So you'll need to be able to produce decent ads and a good, clean paper.

Ready to Give it a shot? If the local market seems to be in your favor, that is, if the local paper is priced too high for many smaller businesses, and if you can distribute, either by hand or through the post office so as to gain an edge over other publications, you may be able to make a decent income from starting your own local adsheet.  In any case, it may at the very least, earn a good second income, while to hold down a regular or part-time job.


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